Scent machiner L2000


SCENT-E New black technology works

Innate demeanour

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SCENT-E scent machines L2000 parameter

SCENT-E New black technology works

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Smart Bluetooth APP control  Refuse all accidental touch

Newly upgraded Bluetooth APP   Concise and clear interface display Control and adjust easy Enjoy Fragrance Life

SCENT-E L2000commercial scent

Cover space&the last day,All upgrade!

L2000 new upgrade coverage area  2000m³ space can also be perfectly covered 880ml super large oil capacity

Refuse frequent fragrance oil changes The test results show: adjust the aroma diffuser to be 5 grade, the last day can be 15days

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10 grades can be adjusted  Fine Atomization MAX!

The L2000 has ten grades to be set to meet the needs of your different occasions. 

Two-fluid fragrance atomization technology creates nano-sized fragrance essential oil particles, 

ultra-fine atomized black technology, and intelligent fragrance future.

scen-e L2000 scent air machine 14

scen-e L2000 scent air machine 14

Easy and convenient fragrance oil change design   Enjoy the charm of fragrance

Gently lift the top essential oil atomization device, you can screw the cap to change the oil, 

without heavy disassembly, easily change the fragrance, and enjoy the fragrance fun

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