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Scent machine SE9200A
                   Brand:SCENT-E                 Model:SE9200A
                   Rated voltage:DC12V          
                   Atomization method:Two-fluid atomization   Atomization quantity:0.18-0.42g/h
                   Essential oil Capacity:100ml            Weight:1.5kg
                   Installation method:Celing mounted     Color:White

Two-fluid and normal temperature atomized can maintain the concentration and purity of the essential oil flavor

Patent atomization technology, health and environmental protection

Good diffusion and lasting fragrance

Remote control, easy to adjust

Normal temperature atomization, essential oil retains all original ingredients

Natural fragrance, purer fragrance.

Installed in ceiling air vent or ceiling air conditioner

Simple and generous, no space, even spread.

Scent machine wholesale or OEM

SCENT-E offers you a wide range of scent air machine (Commercial aroma diffuser), and we work together to advance the global scent marketing business. Contact us at SCENT-E, we are at 7×24×365.

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