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Battery scent machine C100 
                      Brand: SCENT-E                
Model : C100
                      Dimension:150mm*60mm*150mm       Coverage: 100m³-150m³ 
                      Essential oils capacity:100ml              
                      Atomization technology: Two-fluid atomize     Voltage:DC4V-5V
                      Installation method:wall mounted/stand alone 
                      Atomization quantity:0.02-0.6g/h          

Stylish design, suitable for all kinds of places

With the built-in button control, easy to operate

Simple and stylish appearance, easy to enjoy the fragrance

Two-fluid normal temperature atomization technology makes the fragrance more natural

The essential oil is atomized at room temperature, and the fragrance is natural and pure.

Suitable for homes and small spaces in commercial spaces and corridors, washrooms or entertainment etc.

Scent machine wholesale or OEM

SCENT-E offers you a wide range of scent air machine (Commercial aroma diffuser), and we work together to advance the global scent marketing business. Contact us at SCENT-E, we are at 7×24×365.

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