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SCENT-E is a scent machines manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sales. It produces fragrance products such as aroma diffusers and fragrance spreads that are scented in commercial and home spaces. SCENT-E has a technically scent machine technical team, an aromatherapy oil research and development team and a modern production workshop. The company's production qualification has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Scent machine Best-selling in"100+ "countries worldwide,

Serving more than2 million customers +.

2010, SCENT-E was established in Guangzhou.

SCENT-E is the largest manufacturer and supplier of scent machines and essential oil diffusers. It provides premium commercial scent diffusers, scent delivery systems, and HVAC fragrance diffusion equipment. Our products are suitable for hotels, banks, shopping malls, real estate sales offices, office buildings, clubs, gyms, spas and other commercial environments; in addition, we also provide scent diffusers for commercial places with small spaces or homes.

The best-selling essential oil diffuser and the new commercial aroma diffuser

SCENT-E provides the latest aroma diffuser, essential oil diffuser and scent machine industry news

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