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Agarwood incense

        Brand: SCENT-E       

Origin: Guang zhou

        Type: Burning         

Weight: 10g

         Product Category: Gift boxed / simple barrels
Main Spice: Agarwood  

Rich and positive, Welcome to taste

Agarwood can be smoked and burned from logs, tablets and powders.


Unique, elegant and natural

Selection to the hundred percent of the natural, ancient wind filled, so you enjoy the joy of life



Incense and incense it not only has epidemic prevention, anti-flu, anti-crazy, clean air, detoxification insecticide, decomposition of second-hand smoke, dilute the role of formaldehyde; there are moisturizing throat, health care, enhance the effectiveness of human immunity. For simple home life, incense also has a sterilization, to improve the quality of air and other aspects of the effectiveness.


Gift boxed 

simple barrels

Agarwood incense introduced

         Incense, Chinese medicine name. For the Thymelaeaceae white wood incense containing resin wood. With promoting qi circulation to relieve pain,warm in the vomit, gas and asthma effect. Commonly used in chest and abdominal distension pain, stomach cold vomiting hiccups, kidney breath

         Warm kidney satisfied gas. promoting qi circulation to relieve pain, mild in the vomit, satisfied gas asthma. Can be used for the treatment of chest and abdominal distension pain, stomach cold vomiting hiccups, kidney deficiency and other symptoms of acute asthma. Soil incense with volatile oil and resin, volatile oil containing incense spiro (Agarospirol), with sedative effect. Medicinal with promoting qi circulation to relieve pain, tone in the liver, warm kidney satisfied gas effect. Indications: gas against wheezing, vomiting hiccups, abdominal distension pain, waist and knee cold, large intestine virtual, urine air shower, the man cold.

1, Incense avoid fire, raw mill with.

2, cold condensate qi stagnation, disease, see chest and abdomen, bloating cold pain, with the black medicine, woody, betel nut compatibility, to stop the pain of the line temperature.

3, where the lack of kidney yang, life door fire failure, umbilical abdominal cold pain, soreness and weakness of waistand knees, impotence cold, can be with the velvet, aconite, Rehmannia, halberd compatibility to warm kidney impotence.

4, lack of strength, kidney is not satisfied that gas, Patients with wheezing weakness , with aconite, Rehmannia, Gecko match. In many parts of the world, eaglewood is a precious spice, because it is easy to ignite, burning can even see the boiling oil, used as burning incense, extract spices, add wine, or directly carved into ornaments.


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