SCENT-E sails to the 41st International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition
Released in:2019-03-19

The 41st International Furniture Fair was held in Houjie, Dongguan on March 16th, 2019. With the theme of “creative change and integration”, it merged with real estate, architecture, building materials, interior decoration, customization, finished products and so on. Home, the integration of boutique and high-end customization into a new format, has become a pioneer in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the big home industry.


SCENT-E participated in the 41st International Furniture Fair at the invitation of the organizers and organizers of this year's international furniture exhibition. It is also the only space fragrance planning and marketing brand that meets the participation standards of this year's furniture exhibition, and has won the attention of the majority of home exhibitors and visiting buyers.

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In this exhibition, SCENT-E was highly praised for its highly professional space scent marketing plan. Guangdong TV Station and Southern Satellite TV also sent special correspondents to the SCENT-E booth for on-site interviews.

Fragrance is generally used in hotels. Is cooperation with the home industry a cross-border marketing? The reporter mentioned in the interview with Mr. Tao, the marketing department Director of SCENT-E. Mr. Tao said: The fragrance originated from the international brand hotel, which makes the brand stand out in the same industry. With the continuous improvement of people's tastes, the fragrance is not only suitable for hotels, but also for different scenes. For home brands, create exclusive fragrances of their own brands, increase customers' memories of home brands, and create new ideas for marketing.

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At the same time, the reporter also said in the interview: "As a new type of home cross-border marketing, what are the home customers who cooperate with SCENT-E, and what changes will this cooperation bring to their development?"

MR.Tao said: At present, the home brands that have reached cooperation with SCENT-E include Sofia, Mousse, Dechi, Huahui, Faju and other well-known brands in the home furnishing industry. For Sofia, Mousse and other brands, SCENT-E specializes. Customized fragrances are tailored to make this fragrance the signature fragrance of their brand. At the same time, we will customize some of the same flavor products that customers can bring home, and add customers' loyalty to their brands through the fragrance-binding end customers.


For consumers of household goods, the desire to buy them is often the good life behind the home products. If every scene and detail displayed is in line with their definition of Dream House, the consumers are obviously more Willing to buy a deal. SCENT-E took the lead in proposing a spatial aroma marketing concept, allowing the fragrance to embellish the home environment, beautifying the brand showroom, creating the Dream House in the consumer's mind through visual, auditory and olfactory, promoting brand sales and improving the brand's odor recognition. Achieve brand scent marketing.

The 41st International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition will last from March 16th to March 20th. The first and second floors of Hall 1 will be the Chinese brand pavilion, and the first floor of Hall 3 will be the famous brand pavilion and Hall 3 The floor is the International Trade Center, the 4-6 Hall is a software brand building, the 4th floor is the local design exhibition, the 6-7 building is the children's living museum, and the 6th floor is the solid wood living. Hall, Hall 8 is the whole house custom museum, international famous street, and Hall 9 is the theme park of the famous home Expo.SCENT-E is located in Hall B25, Hall 4, and invites you to visit us. The scene will present you with the perfect atmosphere of home.

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