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  • 1.Can I got free sample for texting?
    NO,you need to paid sample cost and shipping fretght.
  • 2.When will we got samples?
    Standard express is  4-7 working days after delievery.
  • 3.What is your warranty?
    1 Year. We can provide you free spare parts when item get broken. But you need to provide us the non-man-made destruction evidence.
  • 4.Can we customize our logo?
    No problem, but with MOQ requests.
  • 5.how to order?
    Email us or contact us directly.
  • 6.Can we use our own essential oils?
    Of course,any essential oil is ok.
  • 7.What is the common faults and exclusion?

    A.Do not spray-check the power if on or off,time settings are correct or not,pump damaged or not.
    B.Little smoke out-atomizing head is blocked,cleaning equipment to confirm,pump is aging.
    C.Spray liquid-check the device is tilted or not,spray head is damaged or not.
    D.Oils spill-check bottle is loose or not.
    E.Abnormal sound-check pump is loose or not.
    F.Display does not show-check the power is on or off, or damaged. check the display if it was broken.

  • 8.Can we got some free spare parts when place a big order?
    Yes,if you place a big order, we can supply you some free spare parts.

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