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Oval Aluminum Alloy commercial aroma Diffuser

The Scent machine L series is a floor-standing stand-alone commercial aroma essential oil diffuser. The arc appearance and compact size are specially designed for flexible placement. The scent machine L series can be naturally and harmoniously integrated into the scene vision, becoming a fashionable high-end decoration in the interior.

Applicable places:suitable for various commercial places such as hotels/sales centers/automobile 4S shops/clubs, etc.

Commercial aroma essential oil diffuser is another alias of scent machine

SCENT-E is a scent machine production factory integrating design, research and development, production and sales,

Focus on the sales and OEN/ODM of various commercial and household scent machines


Create efficient spatial fragrance with superior performance scent machine

1. Diffuse incense to cover medium-sized spaces

The Scent machine L series is specially designed for the diffused and covered space of 200 to 2000m³. Make the aroma coverage of the applicable place reach the most ideal state.

2. Aluminum alloy shell

Oval aluminum alloy aroma diffuser L series shell is made of aluminum alloy, the whole machine is light in weight, high in strength, and good in corrosion resistance.

3. Ultra-quiet diffuse fragrance

In the process of aroma essential oil atomization and diffusion, the scent machine L series diffuses the aroma with low noise and ultra quietness, which is recognized by customers.

4. Intelligent management mode

Energy Internet of Things Management Mode

In order to be fully visible and easily control the scent of the target area, the hotel aroma diffuser L series uses a smart phone application to support Bluetooth/Wi-Fi remote control functions to realize remote monitoring of oil volume, adjustment of equipment parameters, group authorization management and other functions.

Infrared remote control management mode

Simple infrared remote control application interface, realize the function of adjusting equipment parameters at any time.

5. Flexible resettlement methods

The scent machine L series is designed for flexible placement and adopts an independent placement design. The flexible placement method avoids the restriction of the use scene building during the installation process.

Product parameter

Brand: SCENT-E

Model: L series (L1000/L2000)

Voltage: 12V/1A; 12V/2A

Power: 6W; 10W

Net weight: 4.4KG; 6.1KG

Essential oil capacity: 500ml; 880ml/1000ml

Dimensions: 201*146*486mm; 221*166*638mm

Maximum coverage space: L1000≤1000m³; L20002000m³

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