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The aroma diffuser TC80 is a fragrance machine that can be used in the car or home field. It has the characteristics of fast charging and portable.

The aroma diffuser TC80 is a fragrance machine that can be used in the car or home field. It has the characteristics of fast charging and portable. Its intelligent switching mode can easily meet your needs in different application scenarios.

The aroma diffuser TC80 is a fragrance machine that can be used in the car or home field. It has the characteristics of fast charging and portable.

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1. Diffuse fragrance to cover small spaces
Fragrance diffuser TC80 has a diffused coverage space of less than 80m³. When used in automobiles or households, the coverage of fragrances can reach the most ideal state.
2. The shell of environmentally friendly aluminum alloy
The shell of the fragrance diffuser TC80 is made of environmentally friendly aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high hardness and good corrosion resistance. When you touch the shell, you will experience a delicate matte texture.
3. Flexible management mode
A. Internet of Things management mode
For full visibility and easy control of the scent of the target area, the scent diffuser TC80 supports Bluetooth remote control functions using a smartphone APP application, such as adjusting the working time (start/end time, working cycle and device atomization gear i.e. aroma concentration) or Custom atomization time.
B. Key management mode
The portable miniature fragrance machine TC80 retains the traditional fragrance diffuser key management mode. When starting the fragrance machine, the management mode can be flexibly selected according to needs, which highlights the unique characteristics of this fragrance diffuser for car or home use. Humanized and practical.
4. Nano-scale fragrance particles present the natural smell of fragrance
Fragrance diffuser TC80 (car or home dual-use fragrance machine TC80) adopts the two-fluid normal temperature atomization technology independently developed by SCENT-E. After the fragrance essential oil diffuses out, it becomes nano-scale fragrance particles, which do not adsorb or atomize. Delicate and evenly scented, presenting the natural scent of the fragrance.
5. Stable and reliable long-lasting power system
Fragrance diffuser TC80 has built-in 18650 high-quality lithium battery with high safety performance; 2200mAh large lithium battery capacity, 100 hours of home atomization, 300 hours of car atomization, and high long-life performance; TYPE-C charging In the charging mode, a stable and reliable long-lasting power system is built.
6. Simple and convenient essential oil replacement method
The essential oil replacement method of the aroma machine TC80 adopts dynamic magnetic suction device technology. The essential oil can be replaced by twisting the empty essential oil bottle counterclockwise, and the operation is simple and convenient.
7. Simple essential oil bottle capacity
As a portable fragrance diffuser, the fragrance diffuser TC80 uses a 20ml capacity essential oil bottle to ensure the long life of essential oils to meet the needs of creating space fragrance.

Product parameter

Brand: SCENT-E

Model: TC80
Net weight: 380G
Covering space: ≤80m³
Essential oil capacity: 20ml
Voltage/Power: DC5V-1W
Dimensions: φ68mm*120mm

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