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SCENT-E creates a memory fragrance for your space world
Released in:2019-09-07

Aromatherapy impression

Aromatherapy is a sense of ritual.

Aromatherapy is a tribute to life.

Aromatherapy is a special kind of memory.

Aromatherapy is a mere knowledge of physical form.

Aromatherapy fascinated by the future.

 SCENT-E creates a memory fragrance for your space world

The role of aromatherapy

The role of aromatherapy is to increase the spatial sentiment, create a space for the sun, and enhance the spatial style. In addition, there are some derivative effects. For consumers, the higher the spatial environment created by the brand, the better the consumer's experience, and the impression of products and brands will naturally increase, which is why many top brands use space fragrance. At the same time, the aromatherapy can also achieve the olfactory memory. When the customer smells the same kind of odor, the memory chain will be generated, and the smell, the scene, the product and the brand will be linked. The brain will act as a reflection reaction. “This taste should be a brand store” This is also the principle of space aromatherapy marketing.

Aromatherapy attitude

The attitude towards space aroma must be rigorous and professional. The true aroma of space is not just to add a touch of fragrance to the space, but to bring more content and information into the aroma, giving the space a broader and more substantial meaning. From the construction process of space aroma, you can see the brand's attitude towards space aroma.

Understand the characteristics of the site, understand the needs of the company, understand the aromatherapy main coverage area and air-related parameters, and understand the company's situation;

According to the preliminary research and agreed data, the implementation of the fragrance system implementation plan, and the relevant person in charge of the enterprise to discuss and adjust the plan;

According to the content of the plan, arrange the R&D department to prepare the fragrance type suitable for the brand and the enterprise, and provide diversified choices for the enterprise;

After determining the scent type, use precise aromatherapy, such as arranging and debugging equipment. After installation, perform periodic test scent, observe the reaction of the brand side and the audience to the scent during the test scent.

According to the test fragrance stage, the final fragrance implementation scheme is included, including confirming the fragrance type, the fragrance concentration, the coverage range, the aromatherapy application time, and the like;

Provide professional aromatherapy training courses for corporate project teams, teaching basic skills in equipment operation, oil change, basic maintenance, etc.

To provide enterprises with services to guide the audience, including cultural propaganda, etc., to advertise the brand's aromatherapy services and features, and become a brand selling point;

To provide comprehensive, timely and humanized after-sales service for enterprises, according to the signed cooperation agreement, provide regular overhaul and replacement of essential oils and other services for enterprises. In case of special circumstances, we will provide on-site maintenance services to customers as soon as possible. First.

Why choose SCENT-E

SCENT-E has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Keep golden promise, Win customer reputation” and has won many industry awards, including: “2013 Best Aromatherapy Supplier Award”, “2014 Hotel Aromatherapy Supplier” Platinum Award", "2015 Best Aromatherapy Supplier Award for Clothing Industry", "Discovery 2017 Technology Innovation Invention Outstanding Achievement Award", "2017 Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise", "The Hotel Supplies Industry in 2018" A variety of prestigious awards such as the hotel's fragrance service provider of the year.

SCENT-E has the industry's top aroma diffuser equipment technology. While introducing the world's top high-tech technology, it constantly develops new and develops the most adaptable and higher quality aroma diffuser. The products produced by SCENT-E have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and have more than 30 invention patents and more than 20 patent products. The various aromatherapy devices developed by SCENT-E have different application space ranges and installation modes, and adopt flexible and intelligent adjustment technology to meet the different needs of the majority of enterprise customers.

SCENT-E selects the top quality essential oils from Grasse, France, and extracts high-quality pure natural plant materials to scientifically extract high-purity and high-quality aromatherapy essential oils. At the same time, SGS internationally recognized strict safety inspection report ensures that “None Toxins, "no allergens", "no carcinogens". This is the certification of brand strength, but also the testimony of technical strength, SCENT-E is worth your trust and choice! SCENT-E is famous in the industry for its professional and perfect after-sales service, and is widely praised by customers! SCENT-E has offices and professional after-sales service centers in all provinces, municipalities and medium-sized cities in China. The service network has covered China and can provide high-quality aromatherapy services to customers all over the country. At the same time, SCENT-E has a foreign trade department. The service area spans 100+ countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and 2 million+ corporate customers, providing professional space aromatherapy services for overseas customers.

SCENT-E creates a memory aroma for your space world and works with you to create a fragrance marketing leader!

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