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Scent diffuser good or bad,is it so big impact for the environment
Released in:2019-09-12

Speaking of the scent of space, many people must think of the rattan diffuser for the first time. Indeed, rattan diffuser as a common and convenient space scent is the most seen in our lives. Many people's living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms will have rattan diffuser, and small clothing stores will also add rattan diffuser to create an atmosphere. However, the use of rattan diffuser as a space fragrance is basically a space with a small footprint, because the rattan diffuser is only volatilized by the cane, so the expansion space is limited. Then, how to use space fragrance in a larger space, which requires a scent diffuser.

Scent diffuser good or bad, is it so big impact for the environment

The scent diffuser uses modern high-tech technology to compress the essential oil into fine particles and combines the principle of air propagation to spread the essential oils evenly in every corner of the space, and the fragrance has a wider spatial range. However, the scent diffuser also has good and bad points, and the environmental impact is not the same, and even has a strange effect. Poor quality diffuser, poor diffusion ability, uneven spread, easy to cause fragrant scent in the space close to the equipment, no aroma experience in the space away from the equipment, difficult to compress the essential oils in equipment with poor diffusion ability Particles cause the fragrance particles to be too large to spread in the air, and easy to fall, causing the area of the adjacent equipment to have oil stains of the fragrance oil, which also poses a safety hazard and increases the safety risk of slipping. In general, the poor quality scent diffuser not only can not create a good sense of experience for customers but also reduce the customer's good feelings, not worth the candle. The good quality diffuser can compress the essential oil to a very small particle, which makes it easier to spread in the air and improve the utilization of the essential oil. In addition, high-quality scent diffuser can Regulate the shade and fragrance time of the fragrance to meet the fragrance needs of different groups of people.

Using the high-quality fragrance diffuser to create the best atmosphere, brand image and shopping experience, SCENT-E scent diffuser adopts the international top two-fluid atomization technology, using the principle of the high-speed flow of compressed air and ion high-speed rotary accelerator. The fragrance essential oil is turned into nano-sized essential oil particles, which evenly spreads in the space, and has various installation technologies, which is suitable for the space of different decoration requirements and increases the aesthetic degree of the space. SCENT-E scent diffuser, the choice of your space fragrance quality.

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