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Why Choose the Portable Battery TC80 [Car•Desk] aroma diffuser from SCENT-E
Released in:2022-03-25

With the improvement and enrichment of the connotation of modern life quality, people have gradually emerged new demands for the place environment for living, studying, or working, such as a space fragrance environment that relieves stress and eliminates fatigue. At the same time, due to the popularity of aromatherapy in recent years, aromatherapy has gradually entered the mass family. Under the opportunity of this demand, the demand for the portable battery fragrance diffuser market has surged rapidly, resulting in a wide variety of products in the current market of similar fragrance machines, and the product quality is uneven. The most prominent aspects are as follows:

1. The shell is made of light and thin plastic. During the use of the fragrance diffuser, the body is prone to cracks and the service life is short;

2. The operation mode is single, and the button-type operation mode is adopted, which lacks the convenience of operation;

3. Ultrasonic atomization, the atomization chip is easy to be blocked during use, especially when using essential oils with high viscosity, it is more likely to be blocked;

4. The fixed place of use is limited to the field of car use or desktop home furnishing.

Why choose the SCENT-E【Car•Home】Portable Battery Fragrance Diffuser TC80, this is a suggestion on the market products of car fragrance diffusers or desktop home fragrance machines, hope it can help you in this regard Get more help!

In the face of the current portable battery fragrance diffuser market suitable for car fragrance or desktop home use, there are several prominent problems mentioned above. SCENT-E launched the [Car·Home] Portable Battery Fragrance Diffuser TC80, This powerful fragrance machine is suitable for use in the field of car or desktop home to create a space fragrance environment, and can also be used for aromatherapy. The main advantages of the diffuser TC80 are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Diffuse fragrance to cover small spaces

Fragrance diffuser TC80 has a diffused coverage space of less than 80m³. When used in automobiles or households, the coverage of fragrances can reach the most ideal state.

2. The shell of environmentally friendly aluminum alloy

The shell of the fragrance diffuser TC80 is made of environmentally friendly aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high hardness and good corrosion resistance. When you touch the shell, you will experience a delicate matte texture.

3. Flexible management mode

A. Internet of Things management mode

For full visibility and easy control of the scent of the target area, the scent diffuser TC80 supports Bluetooth remote control functions using a smartphone APP application, such as adjusting the working time (start/end time, working cycle and device atomization gear i.e. aroma concentration) or Custom atomization time.

B. Key management mode

The portable miniature fragrance machine TC80 retains the traditional fragrance diffuser key management mode. When starting the fragrance machine, the management mode can be flexibly selected according to needs, which highlights the unique characteristics of this fragrance diffuser for car or home use. Humanized and practical.

4. Nano-scale fragrance particles present the natural smell of fragrance

Fragrance diffuser TC80 (car or home dual-use fragrance machine TC80) adopts the two-fluid normal temperature atomization technology independently developed by SCENT-E. After the fragrance essential oil diffuses out, it becomes nano-scale fragrance particles, which do not adsorb or atomize. Delicate and evenly scented, presenting the natural scent of the fragrance.

5. Stable and reliable long-lasting power system

Fragrance diffuser TC80 has built-in 18650 high-quality lithium battery with high safety performance; 2200mAh large lithium battery capacity, 100 hours of home atomization, 300 hours of car atomization, and high long-life performance; TYPE-C charging In the charging mode, a stable and reliable long-lasting power system is built.

6. Simple and convenient essential oil replacement method

The essential oil replacement method of the aroma machine TC80 adopts dynamic magnetic suction device technology. The essential oil can be replaced by twisting the empty essential oil bottle counterclockwise, and the operation is simple and convenient.

7. Simple essential oil bottle capacity

As a portable fragrance diffuser, the fragrance diffuser TC80 uses a 20ml capacity essential oil bottle to ensure the long life of essential oils to meet the needs of creating space fragrance.

Aroma diffuser machine TC80 has a diffused coverage space of less than 80m³. When used in automobiles or households, the coverage of fragrances can reach the most ideal state.

After you read the introduction of "Why Choose the Portable Battery TC80 [Car/ Desktop] aroma diffuser from SCENT-E", maybe you already have the usage scenarios, product features and advantages of SCENT-E's portable scent machine TC80 Clear understanding, if you want to know more about it or have purchase intention, you can send an online message or email consultation to SCENT-E (SCENT-E@scent-e.biz).

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