How to choose a two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser when building a space aromatherapy
Released in:2020-08-20

The aromatic smell can help us solve all the problems of emotions, stress, store sales and brand communication, and it is enough to interest almost anyone. Therefore, you will carefully study the use of space aromatherapy, and find over and over again that to obtain the best space aromatherapy effect, you must use a two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser.

Or you think: I will find a simple and fast aromatherapy gift box product to try to build a space aromatherapy, and the price is cheap, the input cost is lower. However, after using it for a while, you suddenly find that it is not as simple as you expected. Especially after using these products in public areas of commercial places such as hotel corridors, shopping mall toilets, 4S shop exhibition halls, the effect is far from your expectations.

How do you install and use fragrance diffusers in commercial places such as hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and sales centers to build a space fragrance? Today, SCENT-E is here to guide you, please take a few minutes to finish reading the following content patiently.

Fragrance essential oils distilled from plants have a very strong aromatic smell, which is more than 100 times stronger than dried herbs in the same plant. They are not suitable for direct ingestion, and they must be diluted by professional technicians before building a space aromatherapy environment to ensure that the aroma of essential oils does not change and is safe and healthy during use. Due to the high volatility of fragrance essential oil molecules, let them volatilize naturally into the surrounding air, which will cause a lot of waste of essential oils. In order to effectively and rationally use essential oils and provide the use rate of essential oils, the aroma diffuser atomizes essential oils into micro-sized particles and diffuses them into designated spaces. This is currently carried out by various commercial entities such as hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and sales offices. The way the space is perfumed. The aroma diffuser ensures that the oil and air molecules are completely mixed and released into the air. In this way, the aroma of essential oils will float in the space of the designated place, creating a calm or pleasant atmosphere.

The two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser is currently the most mature, the most used, and the best fragrance equipment, usually equipped with essential oil bottles, air pumps, etc. More importantly, the two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser creates a more comfortable space aroma effect, which can completely fill the large space with a pleasant aroma, and boost the sales performance of the store for your choice And the strength of brand communication. For different types of aroma diffusers, the space covered by the aroma diffused when they work will vary in size, which can cover 50 to 10,000 m³.

How to choose a two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser when building a space aromatherapy

How to choose a two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser

The two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser cannot use the aroma essential oil mixed with water, otherwise the air pump will be damaged. The air pump atomizes the essential oil and diffuses it into the designated indoor space as a mist of fine particles. The two-fluid normal temperature atomization technology does not change the composition of the oil and maintains its original flavor. The two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser can be placed independently, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and connected to a coil machine or a central air-conditioning fresh air system; it can be connected to a power supply or use a battery to run the fragrance work; there are also some professional fragrance equipment The company connects the high-end aroma diffuser to the application for external control.

To build an ideal space aromatherapy environment, it is very important to choose an aroma diffuser. We must clearly understand that we must not choose outdated and outdated aroma equipment. Heating type: The essential oil is heated and diffused in the air by a fan. The biggest problem with this fragrance method is that heat will cause the essential oil to chemically decompose and greatly reduce its effectiveness; Aerosol tank type: a type that is automatically controlled by the circuit , Through the internal motor mechanical transmission, the fragrance (air freshener) is sprayed in a timing trigger mode; pressure tank freshener aerosol dispenser (apparatus)---gas gas plus flavor and other reagents (such as: stabilizer, spray agent) ), the smell is more choking. Environmental protection is worse. It is a flammable product that is afraid of collision and fire. When the room temperature exceeds 49 degrees, there is a danger of explosion of the tank body, and the risk factor is high.

Aerosol tank type aroma diffuser

In summary, the two-fluid normal temperature atomized aroma diffuser is selected for the fragrance equipment to build a space aromatherapy environment, which will create a natural, innocent and original aroma. This ability truly reflects the objective existence of using olfactory means to carry out fragrance marketing to improve store sales performance.

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