The automotive industry joins hands with SCENT-E fragrance to discuss how to improve sales
Released in:2019-03-28

"2019 Guangdong Automobile Distribution Industry Annual Meeting and Summit Forum" was held in Guangzhou Rihang Hotel! With the theme of “Joining Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Re-innovation and Brilliance”, the event will be followed by many leading figures in the automotive industry in 2019, leading the healthy development of the industry and exploring the development prospects of the automobile circulation industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

SCENT-E was invited as the top brand of China's space scent marketing plan to attend this event, and provided space fragrance planning services for this event, embellishing the on-site space smell of the forum space. In the summit forum where famous enterprises gather, SCENT-E has attracted many top exhibitors and celebrities to consult, understand and discuss. In the future development of the automotive industry, how to create a space fragrance for cars and 4S stores. Marketing planning promotes transactions and enhances brand memory.

Car fragrance diffuser
Car fragrance

The fragrance space effect of the car 4S shop

1.Aroma can beautify the 4S shop business environment and extend customer stay time.

According to relevant practitioners, space scent is closely related to car sales. According to relevant data, the use of space scent can effectively extend the customer's stay time and increase the sales rate of 4S stores. Practice shows that customers who use space scent have a 20% higher retention rate than those who do not use space scent.

2.Fragrance allows car buyers to experience comfort, ease of pleasure and enhance trust in the business.

Some experts have explained that the effect of aroma on people is actually a psychological effect. Promoting harm and avoiding harmis the instinctive reaction of human beings. The good smell can make people get a comfortable and relaxed psychological satisfaction, and thus they are willing to feel the happy mood again. For example, when the consumer smells the scent of the model to make him feel happy and comfortable, he will prefer to buy a distinctive car in the process of purchasing. For car buyers, it is not only the car itself that impresses them, but the atmosphere of the shopping environment on the spot makes them trust the merchants and promote the transaction.

3.Enhance the customer experience and become the emotional link between the car buyer and the car.

New cars generally have odors, such as leather smell, formaldehyde, etc., while the fragrance can neutralize the smell of new cars, giving customers a better test drive experience. At the same time, a car with a fragrance can cause female car buyers to resonate more. When the fragrance becomes the bond between the brand and the customer, the brand imprint is completed between the breaths. Even if the years change, the love of the fragrance in the depths of the mind will not change, and the trust of the brand will not change.

4.Fragrance can form a scent memory, distinguishing competitors and enhancing brand image.

The smell of good smell can deepen the product impression, and can distinguish the competitors and reflect the advantages. The scent that consumers smell in the first time in a brand store will form a lasting fragrance memory of the brand. In the memory of consumers can form a reflection: fragrance = brand! Therefore, the correct use of fragrance marketing in automobile 4S stores will deepen consumers' impression of corporate brands and strengthen consumers' trust and attention to brands.

It can be seen that the space fragrance is closely related to the development and sales of the automobile industry. It is the marketing bottleneck faced by every automobile brand to grasp the bottleneck and marketing trend of the automobile 4S shop and accelerate the opening of the blue ocean market of the automobile industry. SCENT-E is a professional fragrance marketing planner and executive, providing fragrance space services for car brands to enhance store sales.

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