Global Scent Machine Supplier Brand SCENT-E, How Influential It Is-Aroma diffuser dynamic-SCENT-E
Global Scent Machine Supplier Brand SCENT-E, How Influential It Is
Released in:2020-03-20

At present, the use of scent machines has become a fashion trend in both the commercial and household fields. But why do so many people choose SCENT-E with the scent machine, after reading this, you will know how powerful it is.

SCENT-E scent machine equipment is suitable for various commercial public areas and homes of different sizes, such as: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, theaters, gyms, spas and other places. Our scent machine adopts advanced two-fluid normal temperature atomization and diffusion technology, which can convert liquid flavor into nano-scale dry mist and directly diffuse it into the space environment of the designated perfumed place.

Global Scent Machine Supplier Brand SCENT-E, How Influential It Is

Scent-e's scent machine has a scent diffuser and central air-conditioning scent spreading system. The central air-conditioning scent spreading system is suitable for large-scale public places with scented fragrance spreading systems F1000 and F5000. In addition to these two, other Scent-E scent machines can also be installed independently, wall-mounted or connected to the central air-conditioning fresh air system installation method, which can easily solve the constraints of various places due to space size or interior decoration design. .

From the many successful cases of choosing the SCENT-E scent machine, we can see that our scent marketing planning and execution for customer service not only helps customers to screen out the scent of essential oils with individual needs, but also fully combines the customer's space The actual situation of the fragrance site, and the factors such as the model and installation method of the standard fragrance equipment. Integrated into a set of scientific, systematic and operable fragrance marketing service programs. After making the customers truly feel that the space fragrance environment has been set up, their business activities have actually improved their sales performance or achieved brand exposure and communication in fragrance marketing.

Why is the SCENT-E scent machine different?

SCENT-E's scent machine creates a patented two-fluid normal temperature atomization patented technology. The essential oil particles diffused out are as small as nano particles and can stay in the air for several hours.

The diffused odor is 100% homogeneous and does not generate any entrapment on any surface because the diffusion of odor particles is controlled.

SCENT-E scent machine is manufactured with international industry technical standards. Unlike the conventional scent machine, the conventional scent machine uses cooling and atomization to atomize and diffuse the fragrance oil.

Use the SCENT-E scent machine to continuously improve the environment. Its innovative design and high-quality product quality allow you to create a pleasant odor atmosphere to attract consumer terminals, helping to increase sales performance and brand communication strength and depth.

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