The selection basis of scent machine models for different application scenarios
Released in:2020-08-14

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, people's requirements for commercial venues and living environment are not satisfied with the basic functions of the past. In the past, placing reed diffuser or other aroma diffuser products in the house was effective but very troublesome. The scent machine is a good solution to this problem and is favoured by the majority of enterprises, institutions, and individual consumers. Below, SCENT-E will introduce you to the selection basis of scent machines in different application scenarios.

What is the basis for choosing scent machine models for different application scenarios——SCENT-E

The working time and the setting of the spraying concentration of the scent machines on the market are very intelligent, and the working period can be set at will, and the spraying concentration can also be set according to personal preferences. In this way, you can set it up as you like according to your own requirements. The scent machine uses the unique charm of fragrance, Extend communication from sight, and hearing to smell, reaching a deeper level. Use fragrance to optimize the environment, so that customers can fully feel the intimate warm service, increase customer goodwill and satisfaction.

Spaces with an area of about 100 cubic meters such as offices, shops, clubs, etc. need to use a spray machine with a power of about 3w; for chain stores, KTV halls, car 4S shops, high-end clubs and other spaces about 1000 cubic meters, a power of about 10w is used scent machine. For those with more than 2000 cubic meters, such as star-rated hotel lobbies, large KTV places, etc., a scent machine with a power of about 40w is required. If there are new fans, the scent machine can be installed at the air inlet of the new fan, and the spray nozzle of the scent machine can be connected to the new fan. At the air inlet, the aroma of the essential oil sprayed by the aerosol sprayer is brought to every place of the outlet of the fresh air through the fresh air, the effect will be better!

Generally, small spaces such as family living rooms, toilets, and toilets in public places, generally use a small scent machine in a space of about 15 square meters. At present, it can basically be wall-mounted or placed independently on the market. In addition to connecting to the power supply, There are also batteries, Or electric, and use the battery at the same time.

The choice of fragrance oil and the quality of fragrance oil will directly affect the effect of fragrance spraying. It is recommended not to buy essential oils at lower prices. They seem to be cheaper, but they may cost more than expensive essential oils in practice! The use of Sentifi essential oil allows you to spend a small amount of money to improve the environment of the commercial space so that every guest who visits the store can enjoy the aromatic SPA.

The scent machine is not only a small household appliance for purifying the air but also fragrance equipment for building a space fragrance environment. There are more and more brands of scent machines on the market. However, each brand of scent machine has its own advantages. It depends on how you use it and where you use it. There will always be a brand that suits you. I believe that SCENT-E's introduction today will be helpful to you who are in entanglement.

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